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Mobile Roller Crimper Mill 1240

The Wakely 1240 PTO powered roller mill and crimper mill is ideally suited to contractors or large farmers. The mill is perfect for those who need to roll or flake large volumes of dry grain quickly. Storage for 400 litres of acid exists and alkaline preservatives can be applied using our bolt on applicator.

The heavy duty undercarriage allows the customers to travel long distances and rough terrain in comfort. All combinable grains beans peas maize oats barley etc are easily processed with our fluted solid chilled rolls guarantee  long service. Maintenance is easily completed with our easy access points. Bearings are easily greased from a central location.

We have offer volume and weight based throughput recording. Contractor can provide customer with a receipt for work done. Multiple discharge options are available for the mill including a conveyor, elevator, auger or bagged into a sleeve. Horsepower requirements for this machine are 160Hp.

  • Dry rolling barley 16% moisture output up to 32 – 37 Tonnes per hour

  • Crimping Barley 28% moisture output up to 40 – 45 Tonnes per hour.

  • Flat rolling Barley 18% moisture output up to 15 – 20 Tonnes per hour.

  • Crimping Barley 28% moisture output up to 24 – 27 Tonnes per hour.

  • No Roll to Roll contact.

  • 1240*400mm High quality precision balanced Solid Chilled Rollers. 50-53 HRC.

  • Available as mobile PTO or PTO static versions.

  • Different roll differentials available depending on the animal being fed.

  • Various grain discharge options available.

  • Double row spherical bearings, Housed in Heavy duty plummer block on roll shaft.

  • 160Hp requirement.

  • Trough auger Diameter 250mm, 3.3M Length.

  • Hopper 5.0 Tonne Maize capacity, with viewing ports.

  • Wheel 8 Stud 22.5″ 65 / 385.

  • Axles 90*90 8 Stud, 2 Centre arms. Drum size 300*90, 9000kg capacity each.

  • Cast helical gears powering Rolls, immersed in Oil.

  • Spring / Hydraulic roll tension.

  • Magnet tray On all Machines

  • Supplied with T-10 PTO Shaft, with Shear bolt & Overrun.

  • Sound suppression System for reduced vibration.

  • Weight 4900Kg Dimensions, Length 4824* Width 2380 * Height 4372mm.