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The Finest Materials, The Finest Machines.


Hard-working machines designed for demanding environments. Robust, reliable and cost-effective. Smooth and quiet in operation. Easy to set up and to use. Low-maintenance feed, milling and grinding solutions for farmers, contractors and industry. The finest on the market.

Wakely 1240

Wakely 1240 Roller Grinder

Medium to High Volume

Wakely 1030

High Volume

Wakely 0830

Roller Mill Pin Feeder

Medium Volume

Wakely 0510

Mobile roller crimper mil

Medium Volume

Wakely 0350

Grain mill farmers Roller Grinder

Low to Medium Volume

Wakely 0250

250 Roller Mill Wakely

Medium Volume

Wakely 0130

Roller mill hopper auger

Low to Medium Volume

Wakely 1260

High Volume

Tested By Time. Proven Track Record

Since the company was founded in 1979, our machines have been tested in the toughest environments and have come through with flying colours. We built reliability into everything we do, reliability and cost effectiveness. Our customers demand quality first, but they are price sensitive too. We can’t afford to over-engineer when there is no direct benefit to you, the customer. Our experience and expertise allows us to design and manufacture the finest machines and to sell them at extremely competitive rates. We have built our reputation on efficiency and reliability. We stand over this reputation every day.

  • Robust and reliable machines for any job or purpose

  • Excellent after sales support and customer service.

  • Fuel efficient and cost effective machines

  • Mobile and static machines for agriculture, industry and contracting

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Some of our clients:


Roller grinder mill for contractors

Medium Volume

Mobile and static mills for agricultural, contracting and industrial applications. Heavy-duty machines for medium volumes. 


Grain mill farmers Roller Grinder

Low to Medium Volume

Finest quality grain mills, rollers and crimpers for farmers, feed lots and low to medium-volume commercial use.


Roller grinder for commercial and industrial applications

High Volume

Fast, reliable and low maintenance. Designed to run all day every day. High volume machines for demanding applications.