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Hardworking Machines #Designed for Hardworking Customers

Our machines are designed for hard work and challenging environments. We use only tough, durable, high quality components in everything we produce. We’ve built an enviable reputation on durability and reliability and it’s a reputation we’re determined to uphold. 

Quality and cost-effectiveness

The twin pillars of our success

Wakely Engineering has been producing mills, grinders and machined for farmers, contractors, feed compounders and industrial clients since 1979. These are demanding industries with very limited tolerance for error. Companies that don’t meet the mark don’t last long in these industries. Wakely has thrived and grown since the start, because we give our customers what they want: efficient, cost-effective and reliable machines, specifically designed to do the job in hand. 

  • Multiple variants of each machine for different applications

  • Wide range of add-on elements available.

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More efficient feed processing and more accurate results mean increased feed efficiency for your and for your livestock. Your animals will get more nutrition from their feed with a corresponding reduction in feed costs. Your livestock will thrive and your business will benefit. 

Our Results Speak For Themselves


Wakely 1240 Roller Grinder