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0510 Ration Mill

The Mills main focus is on ration production. The Ration mill produces a high quality ration. Minerals protein and previously crushed grain can be blended with the grain being crushed. Molasses can added to minimise dust and maximise palatability. The farmer can take control of his concentrating feeding whilst increasing feed quality.

The Wakely Ration mill is a multipurpose grain mill that will efficiently complete the number of Grain related tasks. The rear platform can store 500 Litres of Acidic preservatives when crimping. The additive hopper can also be used when applying alkaline preservatives.

Rubber grain, grain screenings & large grains & pulses can be rolled without issue. Wakely mills guarantee that your animal will get maximum nutritional value from the Feed, with minimal operator input from you.

Standard 0510 mobile mills can be upgraded to this model. Horsepower requirements for this machine are 75Hp.

Best Engineering

Excellent Design and Build Quality

The finest components, the best design

All Wakely mills are designed to deliver, premium samples, minimal operator input, reduced power requirements and ensure every grain is processed. Our experience in delivering milling equipment for 40 years to farmers, contractors and feed compounders is your assurance that your machine will keep on rolling, day after day, year after year.

Long Life Span

Very Cost Effective Over Time

All components used in Wakely mills are of the highest quality, We only use fluted solid chilled rolls, which resists all type of wear. These mills have minimal metal to metal contact significantly reducing the heat created and general wear.

Less power used

Energy efficiency

Wakely mills use less power per tonne rolled for several reasons, Our fluted rolls grip every grain and draws it in, immediately. Wakely rolls maintains a constant gap, energy is not wasted driving rolls that are in contact.

Operator controls

Easy operator controls

Wakely mills reduce the burden on the operator, All key tasks such as Sample adjustment, Trash removal, Grain flow adjustment and more are achieved using one touch operator controls.

Rubber grain


Moist grain at 18 -20% moisture flows poorly, Non fluted rolls have great difficulty in drawing this grain into the Nip point. Wakely rolls are fully fluted, fluting acts as a clamp drawing in the grain, eliminating Grain bridging again maximising the machines potential.

  • Output up to 10 – 11 Tonnes Dry rolling Barley 15% Moisture, producing a broken sample.

  • Output up to 13 – 14 Tonnes Ration capacity, Barley, Cattle pellets & Molasses.

  • Output up to 5.5 – 6.5 Tonnes Flat rolling Barley 20% Moisture, producing a flat rolled sample.

  • Output up to 7 – 8 Tonnes Crimping Maize 28% Moisture, producing a lightly bruised sample.

  • Output up to 8 – 9 Tonnes Ration capacity, Barley, Cattle pellets & Molasses.

  • No Roll to Roll contact.

  • 510*300mm high quality precision balanced Solid Chilled Rollers. 50-53 HRC.

  • Double row spherical bearings, Housed in Heavy duty plummer block on roll shaft.

  • 75 Hp required

  • Max Hydraulic flow of 40 Litres per minute.

  • 500L IBC tank capacity

  • Trough auger Diameter 150mm, Length of 2.9M.

  • 3.2M Discharge Elevator, with directional control.

  • Hopper 2.5 Tonne Maize capacity, with viewing ports.

  • Front hopper 0.6 Tonne capacity with Hydraulic speed control.

  • Cast helical gears powering Rolls, immersed in Oil.

  • Spring roll tension.

  • Supplied with T-6 PTO Shaft, with Shear bolt & Overrun.

  • Weight 2000Kg Length 4715 * Width 2042 * Height 4060 mm.