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0830 Grinder Westland Horticultural A

New options available for our roller grinder range! Contact for details.


Farming independant Wakely Engineering

Recent article that appeared in the Farming independent, Article talks about your service to customers and the products we manufacture.


LAMMA 2017 is almost upon us, Peterborough 18th – 19th Of January Check Wakely LAMMA event page for more details on this event.


We have just released out first Wakely News letter . It has all the update information on the company.


Wakely bagging mill

Wakely Bagging mill

Grain bagging although not very popular in Ireland & the UK, This method of Grain storage gives the Farmer a number of possible advantages, Minimal handling & Simple storage, Our range of Bag sizes offer Preservation using Acidic & Alkaline preservatives, Check back for more details soon or contact us for more information.


Wakely Mobile Grain preservation

Wakely Mobile Grain preservation

An easy and reliable way of preserving grain with minimal handling, The Mobile Auger, Was out-fitted with A Acidic preservative dosing & metering system, Preserves & Stores Moist grain conveniently.


PLC system

A new product by Wakely Engineering, our Alkaline dosing system, Paste the below URL into the task bar OR see the post section in the right column. http://wakelyeng.wpengine.com/uncategorized/alkaline-dosing-system/


Moisture meters

All your Grain measuring jobs, can now be completed by these range of Polish meters, Not only can they measure the Grains moisture content, But some versions can also measure the Nutritional value of the Grain, Drop us a mail for more information.


Just returned from the National Ploughing championships 2015 check out the events sections for more information!


Wakely 1260 Flaking mills, being assembled.

A Pair of 1260 Flaking mills at the final stages of Assembly, We are supplying the Complete installation to the Customers, Check back shortly for Some installation photos.



Fieldays Brochure 2015 FINAL

Link to the Show’s Website> http://www.fieldays.co.nz

Fieldays event June 10 to 13. Wakely Engineering will have a range of machinery at this years show. Join us there. Have a look at Enterprise Ireland Booklet regarding this years show.



Have a look at the ‘latest events’ section for more updates.



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Grinding a Pair of 1200*600 Rolls (2500kg) for large Co-operative Flaking operation, Fluting to come next!


A range of Small to Mid sized Wakely Roller Grinders. Each machine can produce a range of Grist samples consistently,

Check back soon to see the ‘New roller grinder section’!

Wakely roller grinder range


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Selection of Wakely engineering’s Contractor special machines, 1240 Mobile contractor special, 1240 Mobile compact & 0830 Mobile Crimper & Dry roller.



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First time attending the Polish show, A well organised indoor event. Live demonstrations went down a treat!


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FTMTA 2015 from the 5th -7th of February. A busy show with plenty of interest in Roller Mills of all types. General show photos.



The 0830 Heading to Poland for this years Ferma show.


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Some show photos of the Two day event, This free show really drew the crowds this years, A well organised show!


See you at the LAMMA SHOW 2015!, follow the link for further info. LAMMA 2015



LBA logo finalist

Wakely Engineering have  again being short listed for this prestigious award. The Wakely roller mill brand is increasing raising its profile overseas.



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National Ploughing championships 2014.   One of the most successful Ploughing championships yet… With record attendances and Keen interest from customers looking to add value to there grain this Winter. Great planning allowed for the smooth flow of traffic to and from the site, the traditional ‘Ploughing Jam’ appears a thing of the past! National ploughing champions 2014 facebook event.



Field Days Agri show New Zealand If your at the event, feel free to Call and Discuss all matters relating to Grain with Cian Wakely. Follow link to View Wakely info,  Field days 2014 Facebook link


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A batch of 0250 Electric heading off to New Zealand!



Your new point of sale for Wakely Machinery in Eastern Europe.

Visit there Website   http://barbatus.com.pl 


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Just back from our first show in Poland, The Agrotech in Kielce. Thanks to Barbatus for hosting us!.


A short video of the Testing of A 1240Mobile conveyor.



An Enterprise Ireland news articles of Irish Manufacturers, Who are Serving Farmers needs in New Zealand. Click on the below link for more information, http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/eReader/TheMarket/TheMarketWinter2013/files/assets/seo/page48.html


‘Kiwi buyers roll on up for Wakely mills’ The Irish Independent news article of Wakely Engineering Success in the New Zealand Market. Follow the link for more information. http://www.independent.ie/business/farming/kiwi-buyers-roll-on-up-for-wakely-mills-26867096.html


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LAMMA 2014, May have being wet & windy, But we still successfully showcased our machinery! Thanks to all those who stopped by!


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New Wakely 0250 Electric Roller Mills, Bound For New Zealand.


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This years Ploughing broke all attendence records, With people taking advantage of the unseasonly warm weather to enjoy the carnival atmosphere, Where  Wakely Engineering Ltd  and over 1300 Exhibitors showcased there products. We would like to thank everybody who called to the stand for  a Chat and Hot refreshments.


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Wakely Engineering Roller mill specialists.


Sheila Wakely Recieving Louth County Enterprise Platinum Award  for Manufacturing 2013, The second award for our company, which also won The Louth County Enterprise export award for 2010.   Award Winners - Wakely Engineering (Manufacturing)a


Just arrived back from the Balmoral 2013, Where we showcased our New 1240 Mobile Crimper & Dry roller & Auger range

Balmoral 2013


Directors Phelim & Sheila have retuned from New Zealand where they successfully marketed The Wakely Roller mill range.


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Just returned from from the LAMMA show 2013 lincolnshire, Where 45000 attendants & 800 exhibitors attended.


Welcome to the new Wakely engineering Website are Wakely Milling News