Wakely-Samco Grain Bag Press.

October 11th, 2010 by Feilim


by Sheila on June 8, 2012

Wakely Engineering & Samco Argicultural have  collaborated to produce a high quality, low maintenance Grain Bag Press  ideally suited for contractors, The Bag Press completes  the Crimping & Storage process in one operation.

The machine is capable of  processing any animal feed stuff with the Minimum amount of operator adjustment. The degree of crush is adjustable using one touch level mechanism’s. The capacity of the machine (depending on product & moisture content) varies from 65 Tonnes of Maize 35% M/C  to 37 of Barley at 35% M/C.

The bagpress can also be used for the storage of unprocessed cereals.

Click on the Below PDF to view Farmers Journal editoral.

IFJ December 3 2011 Wakely Engineering Page 38 & 39


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