Ration Mill – Wakely

//Ration Mill – Wakely

Ration Mill – Wakely

Ration Mill.

Providing Cattle with a consistent Cattle Ration can be a time consuming necessity, Rations have become more popular as they can provide the animal with a feed mix which contains Trace elements that aid Rumen digestibility and provide an quality meal blend for today’s farmers, Completing the Cattle ration in one operation would require a Specifically designed machine.

Phelim noted the gap in the market he considered some different design options, The machine would be Modular in design, Multifunctional, Based on a standardized frame, and be able to Roll & Mix a Ration Successfully in one operation.

The key elements of the Ration mill are, The Two hoppers. 1st Main grain hopper 2.3T Capacity, 2nd Side hopper, used for Nuts, Protein, Minerals 0.6T Capacity, This hopper is emptied using an Auger & is feed to the main Mixing Auger. IBC tank, Water, Molasses, 300 liter Capacity, Gravity fed directly to Mixing Auger. The main auger is 2.3M long, The Mixing section is 1.1M long, and The outside Dia. of the Auger being 160mm and provides for an even Mix. Once mixed the ration is discharged using a 4.2M Elevator.

The IBC tank can be removed and a third hopper can be added, Magnets protect animals from Ferrous material.

Field trials have found the mill provides a Excellent Blend, While the capacities of the tank are proportional to each other. The Ration mill turning circle fits comfortably in most yards.

Designed to provide the Animal with a consistent Meal in a convenient form.

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