New Version Wakely 1240

//New Version Wakely 1240

New Version Wakely 1240

Wakely Engineering is introducing an updated version of the 1240 mobile crimper mill for the Cereals 2011. This is a high output machine geared mainly towards the contractor market.

The Wakely 1240 crimping mill has been in production since 2004. The new 1240 is the result of many years of field trials with experienced users.

The new 1240 has many enhanced features and functions. Like the previous machine it can crimp and roll oats, barley, corn, wheat, maize and beans for livestock feeding however, it now has a much enhanced output of 85 tonne per hour  making it the ideal for the busy Contractor. At Wakely Engineering we use only solid chilled rollers that are manufactured by the German company Leonhard Breitenbach in all our Mills.

Wakely Engineering have invested in an in-house fluting facility offering our Customers a wider choice of roll finish for optimal output results across a range of product types.  The rollers are balanced to a degree that vibration is almost eliminated resulting in a very  low vibration machine, which in turn extends the mill life and improves the working environment.

The new 1240 machine has 40% greater throughput capacity now up to 85 tonnes per hour of crimped grain compared with the older machine. If is fitted with a 4.5 tonne capacity feed hopper which is about 3.5 metres from the ground for easy loading access with a tractor or industrial type loader.

The double rollers are mounted on high quality spherical roller bearings in a plummer block unit. The roller drive gear drive is immersed in a grease bath.

Each machine is now fitted with an RDS Technology hydraulic calculator which has been shown to be efficient in moisture crimped grain throughput calculation and is extremely user friendly.

The new 1240 machine provides easier access for roller and scraper adjustment and maintenance. The machine has an easily changeable magnet magazine that provides for metal detection and removal of  any material being rolled or crimped.

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