Draminski Moisture meters

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We stock a range of Moisture meters for the Farmer, Contractor and the Co-operative. Destructive and non destructive models are available.

The Twist grain Give results in seconds, It is ideal for the combine man who wants results quickly.

The Crush grain, Grinds the grain allows for greater accuracy, Ideal for Contractor adding preservatives.

The Table top Meters, are available with various Specification levels, depending on your application. Ideal for Grain merchants / Co-operatives.

The Hay moisture meter, Gives the Moisture and the Temperature of the Hay or straw in seconds. And more besides.


Draminski Moisture meters <<Draminski website.


Draminski moisture meter Twist Grain

Operates under compression. • Precise and fast measurement • average measurement accurateness is ±0.5% for normalized grain • The possibility of self-modification results • Possibility to add new grain species to the list by the user • Displays average result from 3 last measurements • Intuitive menu in several language versions • Grain type and measuring range: All types of Grain and up to 40% Moisture


Draminski Twist grain, €265 € 326.00 including VAT, Delivery is €15.00.



Table top Grain Moisture & Density meter.

• Ideally suited for use by companies dealing with grain processing • The highest accuracy of measurement (less than 0.5% for normalized grain) due to special scale system • Easy to use • Device with functions: – moisture measurement (%) – density measurement in bulk (kg/hl) • Programmed for the following grain types: All types of grain from 4 to 30% Moisture.

GMM (Moisture & Temperature meter), €199 € 244.00,including VAT, Delivery is €15.00.

GMMPRO (Moisture, Temperature & Weight), €475 € 585.00,including VAT, Delivery is €15.00.

GMDM (Moisture, Temperature & Weight Professional), €799 € 983.00, including VAT, Delivery is €15.00.


Moisture tester for hay and pressed straw.

• Precise moisture measurement for hay and straw in bales and cubes • Precise temperature measurement • Reading of average, minimum and maximum moisture values of tested hay or straw batch based on 50 recorded measurements • Additionally can be used for measurement of moisture in tobacco bales and other pressed plant materials • Essential for crops storage • Very durable • Energy saving • The possibility of self-modification results. HMM 2M € 590.00 (2 Meter detachable probe)

HMMFIX € 356.00 (600mm Integrated probe) HMM € 356.00 (600mm Detachable probe) .


Draminski Moisture meters Fast next-day delivery service. All debit / credit cards accepted. prices Includes VAT at 23%.

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