Optical sorters

Optical sorters

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Color sorters are innovative and energy-efficient equipment designed to optically sort various bulk materials from impurities being hard to separate. The sorting is based on the visual properties of the product such as color, shape, and texture in the full-color RGB mode, infrared spectrum as well as in any other visible spectra.

Cutting-edge sorting algorithms for different products, flawless optical system and RGB LED-lighting of the backgrounds perfectly blend together to precisely identify various admixtures. Reliable and highly efficient ejectors integrated directly into the nozzles immediately and accurately blow off mixtures out of the product flow providing for the product purity up to 99.99 %.

Note the below photographs, Pre & Post sorting. A good example of the machines quality is the Sun flower sample, Typically sorting two tone Seeds can be difficult to sort. This product is also equally suitable for the recycling industry, the vast majority of plastics can be sorted at high levels of efficiency.

Typical usages for Optical sorters

– Grain merchants, When they are preparing grain for seeding.

– Feed merchants, When preparing grain for Heat flaking.

РRecycling industry, When eliminating  plastics before moulding.

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Optical sorting video

Optical sorter brochure

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