Crimping grain

//Crimping grain

Crimping grain

by Sheila on June 12, 2011 Crimping beans.

Crimping grain is a process that enables farmers to harvest, process and store their own or locally grown cereal and protein grains for use as animal feed when they are at their maximum nutritional value and digestibility. Grains are harvested up to four weeks earlier than normal at moisture contents of 30 to 45%.

They are then processed through a crimping machine which crushes them to expose the carbohydrate and/or protein and a special preservative is applied. The processed feed is then ensiled and can be fed after three weeks airtight storage. Because grain is harvested earlier, before losses occur in the field, and is utilised more efficiently by livestock when crimped than when it is processed in more traditional ways, land use and animal health and performance are significantly improved.

The impact on the environment of livestock feed production is greatly reduced because there is less need to transport animal feed over long distances

Crimping Video        Crimping video 2

there are a host of Acidic and Alkaline preservatives which can be utilized, Propionic acid, Prosid, Maxammon & Home & Dry.

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