Crimping & Bruising mills

Crimping & Bruising mills.

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We are at the mercy of the weather during the harvest, During a fine summer the Harvest can be brought in with ease, A farmer with a yield of 4TPA would be satisfied, The moisture content of the Grain could be between 15 – 18% Moisture content, which will mean greatly reduced Grain preservation and Dry costs.

This does not happen often enough. During damp seasons the Grain can be between 20 – 40% moisture content, Grain drying is not an option it is simply too expensive to Dry the grain for hours on end.

Wakely engineering have being developing various types of Grain preservation systems for 20 plus years, We have a system for each preservative type,  These grain preservation systems all fit onto the same chassis.
The Dual  hoppers allows Contractors & Farmers to conveniently dose in a range of preservatives depending on the season’s weather, In western Europe the weather plays a key role on the condition and moisture content of Grain. Depending on the moisture content different preservatives may have to me used. Crimping & Bruising has being traditionally being very popular, though in recent years this has changed somewhat with the appearance of new innovative Alkaline preservatives.

– When crimping / Bruising two 1000l IBC tanks can be stored on the platform, With Acids like  Product instructions Propionic

– When using a two stage alkaline preservative, platform accepts 25kg & 600kg bags News article  on Maxammon

– When using a single stage alkaline preservative, Platform accepts 600kg bags Product instructions Home n Dry

Crimping Video

The bolted platform allows for quick modification depending on the preservative used,  Cleaning is a simple process, with Minimal dead spots and easy access panels, the Material is dosed in, with independent & full hydraulic control directly to the mixing auger… The rotary calculator along with our  PLC controller system, Delivers,Calculates & Displays  highly accurate recordings. The Calculator & Mixing hoppers work in unison, allowing customers to be confident on the,

– Quality on the Degree of bruising,

– Thoroughness of the Grain/Preservative mix.

– Accuracy & adaptability of the controller system.

The rear hoppers can also be used to mix in any number feed concentrates. A option to consider is to have the hoppers mounted on Load cells, with the option to store save & retrieve all information upon command.

Hoping for a dry summer… But not expecting it!

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