Alkaline Dosing system.

Alkaline Dosing system.

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Wakely have designed & manufactured a Alkaline dosing system, Allows for the precise addition of Alkaline  enhanced grain treatment products & A wide range of Protein, Minerals & other concentrates.

We have dosing systems, for the Farmer, Contractor & Co-operative sectors.

The design of the system ensures that the, – Galvanized hoppers sit independently & have no external load on them (Would result in significant inaccuracies) – Controlling software, Provides Discharge rate , Shift rate & Daily rate (kg) for the Grain being processed & Preservatives or Concentrates being added, This information can be Stored saved & Retrieved upon command.

– Eliminates Dead spots where product could cake, & easy access when necessary .

The system has many benefits ,

– Adaptable. Can be utilized to dose not alone Maxammon but a host of other granular, Non granular & Liquids materials.

– Time saving. One man can operate the entire system, From Loading grain, Filling Applicator hoppers, Monitoring Roller mill & Applicators & removing the processed & treated grain.

– Accuracy. System is fully certified, Meets & Exceeds new Government regulations, less then 1% inaccuracy. System is designed to work from a

fixed position & is available in a number of sizes, Contact for details.

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This system is also available on  Mobile machinery,  and Electric machinery. Check the link for more information

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