1240 Mobile Compact.

//1240 Mobile Compact.

1240 Mobile Compact.


A new model in the 1240 series, The 1240 Mobile compact has being designed to fulfill the requirements of large beef fattening farmers & contractors. Both versions would vary slightly based on there usage.

A Contractor’s machine might include:

  • Calculator (measures the machine output)

  • 8 or 10 Stud. Axels with Hydraulic or Pneumatic braking

  • Hydraulic rolling tensioning (when changing roll gap distance)

A B.F.F may include:

  • Feeder (Weighing system used in next stage)

  • Second axel (Yard usage only)

  • Spring roll tension. Hydraulics not required.

The 1240 Mobile compact is optimized for Dry rolling, but can Crimp though minus the rear platforms.

The operation of the machine starts when the PTO is engaged. Grain is loaded into the hopper & passes through the Feeder or Calculator and fills the feedbox. Solid chilled rolls then process the grain. Adjusting the degree of crush is achieved by using using the Flow Control Lever & Roll gap adjustment lever. The grain is discharged using a two stage process. A 250 mm Auger draw the Grain to the rear where it is discharged using a Elevator.

The machine will process any animal feed stuff, Intuitive controls allows for easy operation. Rolls can be optimized depending on your requirements. Maintenance time is kept to a minimum. Weekly maintenance includes scraper tension and elevator tension. End of Season Maintenance requires adjusting feedbox Choc’s and rolls inspection. All greasing ports are conveniently located at operator’s level.

The Output of the machine:

Barley 16% – 30T (Nicely broken sample)

Maize 12% – 40T (A Broken sample)

Maize 35% – 45T (Lightly processed).

Due to the machines compact shape, it can travel along to feed cattle directly, or load into a Mixer wagon. If you require any further information, contact us.


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