11 10, 2014

Crimping & Bruising mills

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Crimping & Bruising mills. [nggallery id=69] We are at the mercy of the weather during the harvest, During a fine summer the Harvest can be brought in with ease, A farmer with a yield of 4TPA would be satisfied, The moisture content of the Grain could be between 15 - 18% Moisture content, which will mean greatly reduced Grain preservation and Dry costs. This does not happen often enough. During damp seasons the Grain can be between 20 - 40% moisture content, Grain drying is not an option it is simply too expensive to Dry the grain for hours on end. Wakely engineering have [...]

19 07, 2013

Ration Mill – WakelyЗерномельница.

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[nggallery id=39] Ration Mill. Providing Cattle with a consistent Cattle Ration can be a time consuming necessity, Rations have become more popular as they can provide the animal with a feed mix which contains Trace elements that aid Rumen digestibility and provide an quality meal blend for today's farmers, Completing the Cattle ration in one operation would require a Specifically designed machine. Phelim noted the gap in the market he considered some different design options, The machine would be Modular in design, Multifunctional, Based on a standardized frame, and be able to Roll & Mix a Ration Successfully in one [...]