15 12, 2016

Wakely News letter

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Wakely News letter The Wakely news letter will keep you up to date with company news, New machinery models, Shows... and general Grain related news. The main news in the inaugural news letter is our new high efficiency 1240 Roller grinder, Outputs up to 30 TPH. Our 1240 Bagging unit has proven popular with farmers, who have limited storage for there crimped grain. Another piece of news is the Range of Flexible augers, being ideal for Restricted locations. Finally we carry a complete range of Moisture meters and Nutrition analysers wakely-news-letter << Link Happy reading!

11 10, 2014

Crimping & Bruising mills

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Crimping & Bruising mills. [nggallery id=69] We are at the mercy of the weather during the harvest, During a fine summer the Harvest can be brought in with ease, A farmer with a yield of 4TPA would be satisfied, The moisture content of the Grain could be between 15 - 18% Moisture content, which will mean greatly reduced Grain preservation and Dry costs. This does not happen often enough. During damp seasons the Grain can be between 20 - 40% moisture content, Grain drying is not an option it is simply too expensive to Dry the grain for hours on end. Wakely engineering have [...]

11 06, 2011

New Version Wakely 1240 Новая версия Wakely 1240

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Wakely Engineering is introducing an updated version of the 1240 mobile crimper mill for the Cereals 2011. This is a high output machine geared mainly towards the contractor market. The Wakely 1240 crimping mill has been in production since 2004. The new 1240 is the result of many years of field trials with experienced users. The new 1240 has many enhanced features and functions. Like the previous machine it can crimp and roll oats, barley, corn, wheat, maize and beans for livestock feeding however, it now has a much enhanced output of 85 tonne per hour  making it the ideal [...]

11 10, 2010

Wakely-Samco Grain Bag Press.Wakely-Samco Grain Bag Press.

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by Sheila on June 8, 2012 Wakely Engineering & Samco Argicultural have  collaborated to produce a high quality, low maintenance Bag Press  ideally suited for contractors, The Bag Press completes  the Crimping & Storage process in one operation. The machine is capable of  processing any animal feed stuff with the Minimum amount of operator adjustment. The degree of crush is adjustable using one touch level mechanism’s. The capacity of the machine (depending on product & moisture content) varies from 65 Tonnes of Maize 35% M/C  to 37 of Barley at 35% M/C. The bagpress can also be used for the [...]

11 10, 2010

Crimping grain Плющение зерна

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by Sheila on June 12, 2011 Crimping grain is a process that enables farmers to harvest, process and store their own or locally grown cereal and protein grains for use as animal feed when they are at their maximum nutritional value and digestibility. Grains are harvested up to four weeks earlier than normal at moisture contents of 30 to 45%. They are then processed through a crimping machine which crushes them to expose the carbohydrate and/or protein and a special preservative is applied. The processed feed is then ensiled and can be fed after three weeks airtight storage. Because grain is [...]