Why buy Wakely?


  Why buy Wakely? Since the Company was founded in 1979 by Director’s Phelim & Sheila wakely, Wakely Engineering LTD have focused on manufacturing a complete range of Rolling/Grinding mills to serve the Farming, Alcohol, Recycling & Biomass industries, no other company can rival are industry leading design or experience.

Initially focusing on the farming sector (Milk, Beef, Bacon & Lamb) Production, In 2000 we manufactured our first grist mill for the Alcohol industry (Distilling & Brewing) we now supply the majority of Grist mills to the Alcohol industry. A recent development is our Biomass range of mills, which has being adapted to suit industry needs, this machine will process a wide range of Fermentable products. The industries we serve have varying processing requirements, the pig industry require a finely ground material (0.7 – 0.9 M), for Milk production a whole product with minimal dust is required.

Typically in the Alcohol industry the Barley is malted making processing more complicated. Another industry concern is that of moisture content, our range of machinery will process any grain from 4-45% Moisture without modification. The machines will not only process any combinable crop but will also Roll & Grind waste food, wood pellets, seaweed & green coffee to mention a few. Wakely Engineering have the most extensive range of Roller & Grinder mills with outputs from 1500- 60000 kgs/hr in mobile, electric & mobile electric forms, acting as a Roller mill OR Roller grinder.

Our machine design has being constantly evolving since 1979, our continuous testing & customer experience has allowed us to provide the most efficient, reliable & quietest machine on the market.  

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