Ease of use, one touch level Mechanism’s.

Minimum set up time.

No metal to metal contact, Smoothest, Quietest machine on the market.

Product Flexibility.

Quality design and construction.

Associated Equipment

Magnet Magazine, Removes metal from the Feed stuff.

Calculator, Calculates the amount of product presented to the rolls.

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Wakely 0830 Crimper & Dry Roller.

0830 Crimper & Dry roller, Side view.

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The Wakely 0830 Crimper & Dry Roller is an evolution on previous machines, The Machine is built to suit contractor needs, Output, its Calculation & reliability.
Its design allows  for quick and Intuitive Operation & Maintenance.

-Output of 22 Tonne Crimping & 18 Tonne Dry rolling.
-Hopper capacity of 2.5 Tonne-Maize.
-Hydraulically powered Calculator, Sensor controlled, Each revolution delivers 12kg.
-Parallel roll adjustment can either be Spring or Hydraulically tensioned.
-Flow control adjustment.
-High quality precision balanced Solid Chilled Rollers (800*300mm)
-Over-sized Spherical Roller bearings.
-Working surfaces are 50-54 Rockwell hardness.
-Grease immersed gear drive between rollers.
-Trough Auger is Belt driven.
-Crimping port above Mixing section of auger.
-A 3.2 Meter Elevator discharges product.
-Several Flute types available depending on application.
-Designed to Roll, Crimp, Grind & Flake all types of animal feed to the required degree.
-Sound suppression System.


Available as a Grinder & Bagger Mill.