-Leaves grain without Husk or Dust.

Associated Equipment.

- Grain ventilation.


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Cyclone grain cleaner

Cyclone grain cleaner, Front view

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This two stage Cyclone grain cleaner removes Sand, Gritt, Fine & Coarse sand, Leaves the grain without husk.


- 10T 6T and 3T capacities depending on severity of clean.

- Two stage cleaner.

- Cyclone removes Finer particles.

- 2.0M Sieve removes course Particles.

- 3.5M Auger, Dia 100mm.

- Intake Hopper capacity 50kg.

- Caster wheels allow for easy mobility.

- Two 3 phase, 1.1kw Motors. Can also be supplied single phase.


- Available with an active dust suspression system.