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Machine Performance.

- Dry rolling Barley 16% Moisture Producing broken sample 26 – 30 TPH.
- Flat rolling Barley 19% Moisture Producing flat rolled sample 14 – 18 TPH.
- Crimping Maize 28% Moisture producing lightly crimped sample 40 – 50TPH.
- Alkaline Wheat 21% Moisture Producing lightly bruised sample 28- 35TPH.


- Acid applicator & dosing meter.

- Static Alkaline dispensers.

-  Moisture meters.

Wakely 1240 Compact Dry roller & Crimper

Wakely 1240 Mobile Compact Crimper & Dry roller, Full spec.

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The Wakely 1240 compact Dry roller & Crimper is geared towards the needs of Contractors & Farmers. This machine has the same capacity as a regular 1240 Mobile, but without some of its features.

Geared towards Dry rolling, Flat rolling (But with the capability to Crimp) this machine offers customers high capacity,producing a range of samples in a compact form that comfortably moves around the Farmyard.
We only use Fluted solid chilled rolls which do not flex or distort when under load, Every grain presented to the Nip point is broken, livestock receive maximum nutritional value from the Grain.
Our unique operator controls instantly respond upon command allowing for quick sample adjustment & trash removal, Greatly reducing operator input.

Wakely Engineering manufacturer mills using our 35 years experience.Each component used, ie Rolls, Transmission, PLC system has being proven to work in the most arduous of field conditions, Delivering to the customer many years trouble free operation.

- 160 Hp tractor requirement.
- 1200 * 400mm Fluted solid chilled rolls: 50 – 54 HRC.
- Double roll spherical bearings, fitted directly to roll shaft.
- Parallel roll gap adjustment, Spring or Hydraulically tensioned.
- Incremental Grain flow control adjustment.
- Inter roll gear drive powering both rolls.
- Trough auger diameter of 250mm, with blending sections.
- A 4 Meter Heavy duty Discharge elevator chain.
- Hydraulically powered Grain calculator, Sensor controlled.
- PLC digital display unit: Multi functional.

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- Application specific Fluted rolls depending on the animal being fed.

- Roll differential options depending on Sample required.

- Grain calculator & PLC or Grain feeder for dispensing Grain.

- Painted or Galvanized finish.