Ease of use, one touch level Mechanism’s.

Minimum set up time.

No metal to metal contact, Smoothest, Quietest machine on the market.

Product Flexibility.

Quality design and construction.

Associated Equipment

Rubble Separator, Removes Chaff & Waste material.

Magnet Magazine, Removes metal from the Feed stuff.

Wakely 0130 Electric dry roller


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The Wakely 0130 Electric dry roller has being specially designed to meet the needs of today’s milling, farming, brewing Industry, Its design allows for quick and Intuitive Operation & Maintenance.

Specification. -Output 1,500kgs per hour.

- Superior quality solid chilled precision balances rollers.

- 38mm Bearings.

- Electric drive – 2/2kw Motors.

- Roll gap adjustment.

- Smooth running

– low noise level roller mill.

- No metal-to-metal contact between rollers.

- Ideally suited for crushing Oats, Barley & Wheat.

- Compact & convenient


Available in Several Options: Dry Rolling, Flaking, & Grinding.

Completed Eletrical panels